Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in NE Calgary, AB

Are you missing teeth or have damaged ones? This might affect your self-confidence as everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Dental crowns in NE Calgary can be a great way to fix gaps and give you the smile that you deserve. They can also help with eating, as they improve chewing.

Huntington Family Dental can offer you various different crown styles. The dentist will work with you to find out what crown is best for your smile. This will be affected by numerous things including your aesthetic preferences, your health, and your budget.

What are crowns?

You might be wondering exactly what a crown is and what it does. It’s actually pretty simple. Crowns are covers that your dentist at Huntington Family Dental will place onto your tooth. It will cause your tooth to return to a normal size, shape, and function. This is in order to restore tooth strength and physical appearance.

Do I need a crown?

You might benefit from a dental crown in NE Calgary if:

  • Your cavity is just too big to fix with a filling.
  • You might be missing a tooth and would benefit from a bridge.
  • You want to cover up a dental implant.
  • You might have a tooth that is cracked, weakened, or worn down.
  • You recently were treated for a root canal.
  • You really want to fix a badly shaped or discolored tooth.

How are they placed?

It usually takes two visits to Huntington Family Dental to complete the procedure for putting a crown in place.

First, the dentist will prep your tooth by taking off the outer portion. This is so the crown will fit. At the same time, the dentist will remove decay. He might add to the core of the tooth if he decides additional support is needed. Then he’ll make a mold so that way an exact model can be created.

Generally, you’ll receive a temporary crown for the time you’re waiting for the crown to be ready. The dentist or lab tech will use your tooth model to craft your custom crown.

Once the crown is ready for use, the dentist will put it in your mouth and adjust it as necessary. When he is happy with its positioning, he will cement it in place.

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