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Dental crowns play a vital role in restorative dentistry, offering significant enhancements to the strength, aesthetics, and durability of your teeth.
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Flawless Tooth Restoration

A dental crown, often referred to as a “cap,” is designed to cover and protect a tooth that has been treated by a root canal or experienced damage, such as breakage, decay, staining, or misshaping. These crowns are meticulously crafted and tailored to seamlessly match the colour and shape of your existing teeth. With a lifespan of over 15 years, dental crowns not only restore functionality but also serve as supportive elements for dental bridges or dental implants. Additionally, they can be utilized for cosmetic enhancements or aesthetic improvements.

The Process Of Getting A Crown

Typically, the process of getting a dental crown involves two visits to the dentist’s office and is performed by the dentist.

Here is how we do it:

Examination and preparation of the tooth

Just like any other dental procedure, the process commences with a comprehensive dental examination. During this examination, the dentist will carefully evaluate and clean your teeth to ensure they are ready for the crown placement. If the tooth is fractured or significantly affected by decay, any damaged portions will be removed to facilitate the proper function of the dental crown, which serves to shield the tooth against future decay.

Shaping of the crown

Afterwards, utilizing dental putty, we will obtain an impression of your teeth, which will serve as a blueprint for creating the porcelain crowns. During this time, a temporary dental crown will be placed on your teeth until your next appointment. In the case of a missing tooth that requires a dental implant, we will take an impression of both the implant and the adjacent teeth. This impression will be sent to our laboratory, where a personalized crown will be meticulously crafted based on the specifications provided.

Placement of the crown

During your second visit, we will remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one. The permanent crown will be securely affixed using robust dental cement or a concealed screw. As a finishing touch, we will polish the crown and make any required adjustments to guarantee your comfort and ensure a secure fit.

The Cost Of Dental Crowns In Calgary

The cost of a dental crown can vary significantly depending on individual factors. With a standard insurance plan, the average expense for a single crown ranges from $200 to $600 or more. Without insurance coverage, a reasonable estimate for a crown would be around $800 to $1200 and beyond. While most people consider a dental crown a worthwhile investment in restoring the appearance and functionality of their mouth, it’s understandable that the cost may give some pause for consideration.

Several factors contribute to the determination of the cost for a dental crown, including:
  • The type of crown and the material chosen for its construction.
  • The location and complexity of the procedure involved.
  • The quantity of crowns needed.
  • Any combination of the crown with other dental appliances, such as bridges.
  • The specific supplies and equipment required for your individual treatment.

It is important to remember that dental practices cannot provide accurate quotes over the phone. To obtain an accurate quote and explore treatment options, it is necessary to consult with a dentist and undergo an oral exam. If you have dental insurance, we’d be happy to provide a quote for you to submit to determine your out-of-pocket costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The necessity of a crown following a root canal treatment largely depends on the tooth’s location within the mouth. Teeth located towards the back, such as molars and premolars, play a significant role in chewing and typically require crowns for added strength and protection. However, incisors or canines, which are not primarily involved in chewing, may not always necessitate crowns. The specific recommendation regarding crown placement will be determined based on individual factors and the professional assessment of a dentist.

A notable distinction between a crown and a filling is their durability, especially for teeth with a significant biting surface. Fillings on the chewing surfaces of molars can be prone to chipping or becoming loose due to repeated pressure from chewing or habitual clenching. In contrast, a crown provides a single, unbroken surface extending from the gumline to the gumline, designed to withstand greater force over an extended period. Its construction enables it to handle substantial biting forces with increased resilience.

While not equivalent to a dental implant surgically placed in the jaw bone, a post serves a similar purpose. It is a medical-grade post that can be cemented into a prepared root canal to provide additional support and stability for a dental crown. Dental posts are utilized when there is insufficient healthy tooth structure remaining to reliably retain a crown. They reinforce the foundation and core of the crown, ensuring its long-lasting functionality.

Maintaining a dental crown is similar to caring for a natural tooth. It requires regular brushing and flossing to ensure both the crown and the surrounding gum remain healthy and clean. It is crucial to schedule routine cleanings and checkups with your dentist to maintain optimal oral health.

Typically, dental crowns have a lifespan of around 15 years in the majority of cases. Nevertheless, with adequate care and maintenance, they can endure for an extended period of 25 to 30 years.

Dental crowns fulfill two vital roles within your oral cavity. Primarily, they serve to fully restore the functionality of your tooth, enabling you to bite and chew without experiencing any pain, discomfort, or the need to rely on one side. Additionally, but equally significant, crowns are meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth. Their colour and contour are carefully matched to your aesthetic, to the extent that at times individuals even forget which tooth is the crowned one.

Getting a dental crown is similar to getting a filling. We ensure your comfort by numbing the area and using local anesthesia if necessary. You may experience minor sensitivity or soreness afterward, but it will pass quickly. If you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, let us know! We’ll make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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