Why Pediatric Dentists Are Preferred to Family Dentists for Children

Why Pediatric Dentists Are Preferred to Family Dentists for Children

Mar 01, 2020

Pediatric dentists (pedodontists) are specially trained to cater to the dental needs of infants, toddlers, teenagers, and young adolescents. Besides fulfilling the standard dentist qualifications, they undertake an extra two to three-course of child training.

Family dentists see patients from all life stages. Both pedodontists and family dentists offer many a similar service, such as preventive treatments, restoration treatments such as fillings and dental examinations, and cleanings.

The only difference is that pediatric dentists in Calgary have a specialty in child psychology. It enables them to relate effectively and gently with children in the least threatening manner possible.

We recommend that you take your child for a first pediatric visit a year after birth after the emergence of the first milk teeth. This will help maintain the child’s dental health from a tender age to prevent future complications.

Reasons parents should take their children to a pediatric dentist

Children and young teenagers might lack the capacity to see a dentist themselves. Our pediatric dentists in Calgary give the following reasons why a child needs a pediatric visit.

  • To find out if the child faces the risk of developing dental cavities
  • For preventive dental therapies such as cleaning, fluoride treatments, and diet recommendations
  • Orthodontics – Includes training and teeth assessment for correcting an improper bite
  • For repair of tooth decays and other defects
  • Checking and repairing dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth, fractured, or displaced teeth.
  • To receive reports about the growth patterns of the child’s teeth and jaws
  • To help determine how to establish injury-preventive measures at home
  • Counseling on habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use.

What is the task of a pediatric dentist?

A children’s dentist operates in a pediatric office, which is usually decorated and customized to create a children-friendly environment. Children’s dentistry involves the following forms of dental care.

  • Prevention – Tooth decay is recorded as the most prevalent dental ailment in children. In addition to providing dental guidance for prevention, a pediatric dentist rubs on fluoride treatments and sealants to minimize chances for dental caries.
  • Early Detection – Deep X-ray scans, examinations, and modeling are executed to enable the dentist to detect any future complications that may arise. These include malocclusion, jaw irregularities, and tooth abrasion effects. These conditions are easily identified with early treatment.
  • Education – For any pediatric practice, education is an important aspect. The dentist not only gives guidelines on the best oral hygiene but provides the parent with the best toothpaste selection, thumb sucking termination tips, and advice on the appropriate diet.
  • Treatment – In addition to preventive treatment, children’s dentistry also involves processes like pulp treatments and therapy on oral trauma. The dentist also offers space maintainers to prevent tooth misalignment if primary teeth are lost too early.
  • Dental Updates – Pediatric dentists are well informed about advancements in the dentistry field. Children who don’t regularly attend dental visits may miss important information on substitutes such as Xylitol known to prevent dental cavities, decay, and most harmful bacteria.

Advantages of a pediatric dentist over a Calgary family dentist for your child

Family dentists can care for your child’s teeth and help prevent cavities and decays. They, however, won’t give that specialized care required for your child compared to a pedodontist. Listed are the advantages of picking a pediatric dentist:

  • They have an additional 2 – 3 years of dental training for children
  • They have other experience when it comes to kids compared to family dentists
  • Pediatric offices are more fun and child-friendly
  • Pediatric tools are smaller and well customized for kids
  • Compared to family dentists, they are better equipped to care for children having special needs.
  • They are better at preventative measures for children.

If you are looking for a dentist to cater to your growing child’s dental health, a pediatric dentist is most appropriate. They focus more on preventative care for growing teeth and have more friendly equipment.

Apart from care, pediatric dentists, just like a Calgary family dentist, offer cavity treatments and diagnosis on other dental infections. For any emergencies such as knocked-out children’s teeth, an emergency dentist for pediatrics is the best suit. They are more conversant with potential tooth problems among children and have more experience in that field.

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