Uncovering the benefits of white fillings in Calgary

Uncovering the benefits of white fillings in Calgary

Apr 03, 2019

Dentistry has evolved over the years and traditional metal fillings are not the only options that are used by dentists for filling the cavities and treating tooth decay. Composite fillings have become popular in the recent times. These fillings are also known as white fillings and are a mixture of fine glass particles and plastic.

They have various aesthetic and practical benefits over the traditional fillings. The white fillings are more attractive as well as matched with the color of your teeth so that you have a natural appearance.

Less tooth preparation

Unlike the composite fillings, metal fillings need a big hole to be drilled in the tooth so that it can adhere properly. This weakens the tooth structure and it becomes essential to replace the filling every few years. However, with composite fillings only the decayed portion is removed by drilling and filled in layers.

Stronger teeth

White fillings can be sculpted directly into the teeth which mean they not only cover the cavities in your mouth but also strengthen the tooth enamel. On the other hand, metal fillings are wedged in your tooth and the biting pressure is not evenly distributed on them. Thus, white filling can protect the affected teeth more effectively says dentist in Calgary, AB.

Natural appearance

One of the most obvious advantages of the white fillings is the appearance. These fillings are not only less visible than metal fillings but can also be customized for matching the exact shade of your teeth. Thus, patients can receive a more natural looking dental restoration which is difficult to make out from a distance. Thus, there is no embarrassment.

Protect your teeth white fillings

If you are considering a white filling or concerned about the stability of the metal fillings, you can call your dentist and schedule an appointment for consultation. The dentist will first perform an examination of your dental health and teeth thoroughly guide you through the treatment process from beginning.

The aim of dentist is to restore your smile and oral health in the best possible way.

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