Tips for Tooth Sensitivity Following a Whitening Treatment

Tips for Tooth Sensitivity Following a Whitening Treatment

Jan 10, 2019

If you are like the majority of people, you believe that a bright, white smile is an attractive trait. Teeth whitening treatments, such as ours at Huntington Family Dental, can give you a more beautiful smile if you have yellow or stained teeth. However, these treatments in Calgary, AB often result in (temporarily) sensitive teeth. It doesn’t happen to every patient, but if it happens to you following a teeth whitening procedure, here are a few tips on how to ease your discomfort.

Why do some people get sensitivity and others don’t?

Teeth are covered in countless tiny “pores” that allow cold, heat, and pressure to penetrate and reach the tooth nerves. The simple answer is genetics, just as some people are prone to tan while others sunburn. While this is something beyond your control, there are things you can do that can make a big difference in how your teeth feel.

Use sensitivity toothpaste and fluoride

Sensitivity toothpastes work because they contain active ingredients that “plug” those pores in your teeth to block out the bothersome sensations. A high-fluoride toothpaste provided by your dentist office near you that is specially-designed for sensitivity works in a similar way. The key to using these products is to remember that they take time to produce an effect, about one to three weeks, so it might be a good idea to start using them before having your whitening treatment.

Space your whitening treatments apart

A professional take-home whitening treatment is customizable. This means that, even if the instructions say to use the trays every day for one to two weeks, you can change it to suit your needs and use them every other day or every third day to ease sensitivity.

Watch your diet

You can ease irritation that comes from tooth sensitivity by being mindful of what you eat for a week or two. Drink room-temperature beverages, brush your teeth with lukewarm water, and refrain from eating cold foods such as ice cream.

Get professional whitening

Not only are professional whitening treatments safer and more effective than store-bought options, but having a professional perform the procedure allows them to offer help if they notice that you are experiencing sensitivity.

For an effective whitening treatment that takes your tooth sensitivity into consideration, make an appointment at Huntington Family Dental in Calgary, AB. And you are facing any dental emergencies, call our emergency dentist near you at Huntington Hills.

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