The Importance of Mouthguards

The Importance of Mouthguards

Jun 01, 2019

Many of the students in America are involved in one or another kind of sports activities. Though it’s great to play any kind of sport, it comes with a risk of sports injuries. One of the most common sports injuries is damaged to teeth which also lead to a huge medical bill. However, there is a simple way that can help you in making sure that your child is protected and can play hard without worrying about dental damage.

Here’s a Look at Everything You Need to Know about Mouthguards:

What are sports Mouthguards?

The sports Mouthguards in Calgary, AB are thick plastic protective devices shaped like a dental tray which forms to the shape of the teeth, gums, and mouth. The mouthguards create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth for preventing them from crashing together during an impact along with protecting the teeth from being hit by something external such as a stick or ball.

Most of the sports team recommends or need mouthguards to be used by the athletes and even if they don’t, it is imperative to wear them for protecting your teeth.

Types of Mouthguards:

  • Stock Mouthguards

These are the generic mouthguards which are less expensive but they offer minimal protection. They are pre-formed and ready to use straight from the package says the dentist near Calgary, AB. Some of them also come in flavors such as fruit punch and bubble gum, but they don’t contain sugar.

  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards

The boil and bite mouthguards are most popular as they are also inexpensive and can be purchased at any sporting goods store. They allow a closer fit to the wearer’s mouth.

  • Custom-fit Mouthguards

The custom-made mouthguards can be bit expensive, but they offer maximum protection. The dentist takes an impression of the mouth and gets custom mouthguards made that fit like a glove. They provide the best protection to your mouth as compared to the other options for mouthguards. If you are considering custom-fit mouthguards, you must visit a dentist near you who can help in creating the right mouthguard for your child.

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