Ten Things to Know About Dermal Fillers

Ten Things to Know About Dermal Fillers

Sep 01, 2020

Some people have plump lips, smooth skin, and full cheeks naturally, but most of us need to get some help from a dermatologist to achieve this.

In recent years, dermal fillers have become a popular minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment. If you want to join the millions enjoying this treatment’s benefits, this article is for you. We have prepared you a list of ten things of things you should know about the procedure so you can decide if it’s worth it.

#1: Dermal Fillers Results are Long-lasting

Dermal fillers offer a long-lasting solution for lines and wrinkles. However, it does not mean that the results last forever. They last for about 12 months, which is way longer than Botox, which lasts for about four months. To get the best of your cosmetic treatment, visit your dermatologist every six months for a touch-up. For now, dermal fillers provide the best and long-lasting solution to wrinkles and fine lines.

#2: The Procedure Does Not Hurt

It sounds like dermal fillers treatment is a painful procedure, but on the contrary, the procedure is almost painless. You will experience some discomfort as the needles are inserted into the skin, but there won’t be any pain since the fillers contain a numbing agent that helps alleviate pain. Even if the dermal filler does not contain a numbing agent, the practitioner can easily add it to the syringe before injecting it.

#3: They Use Natural Elements

Don’t be afraid that you will be injected with unnatural chemicals because, in Canada, only bio-compatible ingredients in dermal fillers are allowed. That means dermal fillers contain ingredients such as collagen and hydraulic acid, which does not harm your skin.

#4: Dermal Fillers are Reversible

In an event where you don’t like the results (which is very unlikely), it can be reversed. Non-permanent fillers use ingredients that can be dissolved to take you back to how you were before the treatment. Only a few injections will be shot to the filler site, and within a short time, you will be as you were in the beginning.

#5: Dermal Fillers can be used for Preventative Purposes.

You should not wait until you have fine lines or wrinkles to get dermal fillers. You can talk to a practitioner so he can fill areas prone to wrinkles and lines as early as possible. Getting dermatologist fill areas such as the forehead, nose-to-mouth, and eye area before wrinkles show can help you look younger for a long time.

#6: The Procedure Is Fast

Dermal fillers treatment is not the kind of procedure that will have you waiting for hours to get done. Depending on the areas getting treated, it will take an hour or so. Most of its side effects are moderate and can’t stop you from carrying on your duties.

#7: Results are Immediate

You don’t need to wait for days to see the results of the procedure. Hydraulic acid fillers settle within the shortest time, and you can see the results as you get out of the clinic.

#8: Dermal Fillers Looks Natural

Some people fear undergoing this procedure because they think that it is noticeable, and everyone will know about it, but that’s not the case. The result looks natural. Talk to the practitioner about the results you intend to achieve, and he will provide you with exactly what you require. It is almost impossible to overdo dermal fillers treatment, and if it happens, it can be dissolved.

#9: Dermal Fillers are Not Only for Wrinkles

Dermal fillers do more than just getting rid of wrinkles. They can be used to get rid of dark circles around the eyes, soften acne scars, fuller lips, and other facial procedures that require volume replacement. Your practitioner will advise you accordingly.

#10: You Should Schedule a Dermal Filler Appointment after a Dental Visit

For the best results, visit a dental filler practitioner after your dental work. Additionally, if you are breastfeeding/pregnant, you should wait a while before receiving this cosmetic treatment.

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