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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in NE Calgary

Not everyone develops their wisdom teeth, but if you have, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to have yours removed. You might be scared about this procedure, but that’s completely normal, as it does involve sedation. It might help if you understand what the dentist at Huntington Family Dental is going to be doing when he removes your wisdom teeth. Continue reading to learn all about the extraction method for your teeth.

  • First of all, your dentist at Huntington Family Dental will start by sedating you. Once the sedation has had time to work, he will then numb the area with a general anesthetic where your wisdom teeth are in your mouth. He probably already took X-Rays, but he might take some more at this point.
  • Once you are completely numb and the dentist has all the X-Rays he needs, he will start the surgery. This begins by removing any gum tissue that covers that spot where your wisdom teeth are. If the teeth are impacted, he will make an incision in the gum tissue so he can have access to the teeth. The gum is then moved away with a surgical instrument, providing further access to your tooth. Your wisdom teeth may be covered in bone still. If that is the case, a handpiece will be used to remove the bone.
  • After the tooth is completely visible to your dentist, instruments will be used to loosen the tooth from any tissue in the tooth socket. He might have to cut the tooth into sections before he can remove it.
  • Once the tooth is loose and potentially cut into pieces, the dentist will remove the tooth from its socket.
  • Once your tooth is gone from your mouth, your dentist may have to stitch you up.
  • You will be given instructions to follow afterward and some gauze that you can bite down onto soak up and stop any bleeding.

Wisdom teeth removal in NE Calgary is a common dental process. They might be removed at Huntington Family Dental’s office or done in a doctor’s office. Make sure you follow all directions given to you by your doctor before and after the surgery.

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