TMJ Therapy

TMJ Treatment in NE Calgary, AB

When you get a physical exam done for TMJ therapy in NE Calgary, the dentist at Huntington Family Dental is going to do numerous things involving your mouth and jaw. He will begin by listening to the sound your jaw makes when it opens and closes. He will also feel it. This includes checking out the range of motion for your lower jawbone. He’s also going to be checking for pain and discomfort in certain areas.

An X-Ray or CT scan or even an MRI might be necessary if the doctor or dentist at Huntington Family Dental believes there might be a problem with your jaw or teeth. These are going to provide him with the images he needs to see involving your bones and joints and joint’s disc.

During TMJ arthroscopy, a dentist or doctor will begin by inserting a cannula into your joint space. A cannula is a small tube. He will also insert a small camera that can help him see into the area. This will provide him with the images he needs to make a diagnosis.

In a lot of cases, symptoms of TMJ will leave on their own and treatment will not be necessary. In some cases, though, you might still have the symptoms, and certain treatments will be recommended to alleviate your pain and suffering. Some TMJ treatments in NE Calgary can be done at the same time.

Prescribing Medication

Medication is something the doctor or dentist at Huntington Family Dental will try out first. This can include anti-inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen. Muscle relaxants and painkillers might also be prescribed depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Doing Different Therapies

If your doctor doesn’t want to prescribe drugs, he might suggest certain therapies. These might involve oral splints and mouth guards. Physical therapy is also an option such as icing and heating, ultrasounds, and various exercise techniques meant to stretch and strengthen your jaw muscles.

Surgical Options

If none of the above TMJ treatments in NE Calgary have worked to alleviate your TMJ, then surgery may be the only option left for you. This can include TMJ arthroscopy, open-joint surgery, and modified condylotomy.

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