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Teeth Whitening in NE Calgary, AB

Having yellow or other colored stains on your teeth can be an unsightly, embarrassing problem. You might feel like your smile isn’t as great as it could be. Don’t worry, though, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have problems with stains on their teeth and want to get rid of them – even those with great oral hygiene regiments! If you’re thinking about having your teeth whitened at Huntington Family Dental, you should get the facts first.

The reasons behind discolored teeth:

You might be wondering what’s caused the staining on your teeth. There are several things that can contribute to discoloration on your otherwise beautiful smile. Read on to see what can cause yellow or dark stained teeth.

  • Food and beverages. What you eat and drink has a large impact on the shade of your teeth. Eating sugary food is a big trigger. Tea, wine, and coffee are also common culprits due to the deep color pigments they have that like to stick to the enamel on your teeth.
  • Tobacco. Cigarettes can be especially detrimental to teeth coloring because of tar. Tar is naturally dark colored. There’s also the nicotine itself. While it does not normally have a color, it can mix with oxygen and form a yellowing substance that can stain teeth.
  • Age. As enamel grows weaker and thinner as we get older or brush our teeth more, dentin starts to show through.
  • Medication. Certain meds are known to cause dark tooth coloration.

How teeth whitening in NE Calgary, AB works:

Whitening products work on a fairly simple level. They have bleach in them which will go in and break down stains into smaller pieces. This makes the color on your teeth less concentrated and leads to a whiter smile.

Who it works for :

Make sure you talk to your dentist at Huntington Family Dental before embarking on a mission to whiten your teeth. This is important because no mouth is the same and teeth whitening in NE Calgary, AB won’t work the same on every mouth. Yellow stains, for example, are going to be easier to brighten where brown stains are going to be harder to lighten.

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