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Sedation Dentistry in NE Calgary, AB

Are you scared of the dentist? Dread those six months appointments more than anything else in your life? You might be a candidate for sedation dentistry in NE Calgary, AB. It uses a combination of different techniques: everything from laughing gas to general anesthesia. This will help you relax while you go through surgeries or any other uncomfortable procedure. You no longer have to avoid the dentist if you consider sedation therapy.

Overall health must be considered before you undergo any type of sedation dentistry in NE Calgary at Huntington Family Dental. You want to be safe, after all. Certain physical conditions must have medical clearance from your family doctor. These can include cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension, and certain respiratory diseases. Your dentist at Huntington Family Dental will make sure to get your full medical history as well as a physical overview before the procedure.

Laughing Gas

The most popular form of sedation therapy in the dental office includes laughing gas. It will not make you sleep, but it is commonly used to reduce anxiety when preparing for a dental procedure. It is available in almost all dental offices and is very safe.

Enteral Sedation

Available in a pill form or liquid form, enteral sedation is taken orally. It is sometimes combined with laughing gas. It will also help calm your nerves and leave you less anxious about what the dentist is doing.

IV Sedation

IV (intravenous) sedation is also a fairly common way to relieve anxiety. It is delivered straight into your vein. This will let the sedation dentist in Calgary, NE offer deeper dental sedation, though, like the others, you’ll still remain awake, but you’ll also be far less aware of what’s happening throughout the procedure. It will require some recovery time once you exit the office.

General Anesthesia

There is general anesthesia, which is a type of sedation that will put you to sleep during the entire dental process. It is generally used by putting drugs straight into your veins, as well as possibly having you inhale gaseous anesthetic. You will need to fully recover before leaving Huntington Family Dental.

Whatever type of sedation you need, it’s important that you go to your sedation dentist in Calgary, NE for any necessary medical treatments.

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