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Partial and Complete Dentures in NE Calgary, AB

Partial and complete dentures in NE Calgary, AB can act as a replacement for missing teeth. They can be taken out of your mouth and put back in. This makes taking care of them fairly simple. While they won’t ever feel as natural as your original teeth and they can take a bit of time to get used to wearing, modern technology is making them more comfortable and natural looking.

There are two main types of dentures which are complete and partial. Your dentist at Huntington Family Dental will help you choose which option is best for you. He’ll base this decision on several things such as how many teeth need replacement, and how affordable the different options are based on what you can spend.

Complete dentures in NE Calgary have an acrylic, flesh-colored base that will be attached to your gums. The main base of your upper denture will set against your mouth’s roof, and the bottom base of the denture is created to allow for tongue room and movement.

Every denture is crafted specifically for you and created in a laboratory by a technician. They are made-to-order from impressions that were taken of your mouth. There are three models of dentures and your team at Huntington Family Dental will help you pick out which one is most suited for your mouth.

First, there is the conventional full denture. This is placed in your mouth once all teeth have been removed and the soft tissue has had enough time to heal, which can take months. You’ll be without teeth during this time.

The immediate full denture is the next option, and it’s put directly into your mouth as soon as all your teeth are gone. The dentist at Huntington Family Dental will have already taken your measurements at another appointment and crafted a model of your jawbone. This is a great option if you don’t want to be without your teeth. They will need to be realigned after a few months because the bone that’s supporting your teeth will have reshaped during the healing process.

Finally, there is the partial denture in NE Calgary, AB which will set on a metal framework attached to any natural teeth you have left.

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