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Mouth Guards in NE Calgary, AB

Mouth protectors, sports guards, and mouth guards are all the same thing. They are a device that is worn on top of your teeth in order to protect them from injuries to the face and to the head. Mouth guards in Calgary, NE are especially important if you or your child are involved in sports that might result in body contact or flying equipment. This can include sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, mountain biking, gymnastics, or any other thing that involves physical activity. You want to avoid injuries to the mouth because they can cause long-lasting physical problems. Dentists at Huntington Family Dental highly recommend them.

Mouth guards are usually worn over the upper teeth and are made to protect against cut lips, broken teeth, and other damage to the mouth. It is especially important if you are wearing other dental appliances like braces or bridges on your jaw.

There are three main types of mouth guards in NE Calgary, AB. No matter which one you choose, you should pick out something that should be resilient and tear-resistant. They should also be comfortable otherwise nobody is going to want to wear them.

Stock Mouth Guards

These are an inexpensive option if you can’t afford one of the other mouth guards available in Calgary, NE. They are already crafted and ready to wear. The benefit to them is price, but the drawback is that they aren’t custom fit to a mouth so they might be uncomfortable to wear as they can make breathing and speaking more difficult.

Bite and Boil Guards

The bite and boil option are also fairly inexpensive and can be bought at any sporting goods store. You simply boil them in hot water and then bite down on them which creates your own custom mold. They are great because they are more customized than the stock option. Always follow the directions on them to avoid something that doesn’t fit right.

Custom Made Mouth Guards in NE Calgary, AB

Huntington Family Dental recommends custom-made mouth guards in NE Calgary, AB. While they are the most expensive option out there, they also fit the best because they are created in your dentist’s office or in a professional lab. They have the best fit and are the most comfortable because they are made specifically for your mouth.

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