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Laser Dentistry in NE Calgary, AB

A laser is a tool that can be used by dentists in Huntington Family Dental. It will produce an intense, narrow string of light energy. When this light energy contacts tissue, it will cause a reaction that can be used to shape or remove tissue.

Laser dentistry started in 1990. Lasers are considered to be an effective and safe treatment for a variety of different dental procedures and are sometimes used at the same time as other dental instruments. Dental lasers are used for some of the following procedures:

  • They can reduce the discomfort that comes from a cold sore.
  • They can be used to expose erupted wisdom teeth that are only partially through the gum line.
  • They can remove muscle attachments that are limiting appropriate movement.
  • They can help manage gum tissues while making impressions for procedures such as crown placement.
  • They can help remove overgrown tissue that’s caused by specific medications.
  • They can perform biopsy techniques.
  • They can remove inflamed gum tissue and help in treating various gum diseases.
  • They can reshape or remove gum and bone for a crown lengthening process.
  • They can help with treating infected pulp during root canals.
  • They can help make tooth whitening procedures faster.

There are many benefits to using a dental laser. Dentists at Huntington Family Dental might not have to use drills or give anesthesia during certain procedures which allows for you to enjoy a nicer and more relaxed dental process. They are also more precise. They can reduce symptoms and increase healing times that are generally associated with more traditional procedures, they can reduce bacteria growth in gum tissue that’s diseased and in any cavities you might have, and they can help control bleeding during dental surgery.

If used properly by your dentist at Huntington Family Dental, lasers are just as safe as any other dental instrument. Similarly, to how you would wear your sunglasses to protect eyes from exposure to the sun, your dentist will ask that you put on special sunglasses that will help protect your eyes from the laser’s light.

If you are wondering if laser treatment is right for you, just ask your dentist. He can recommend it if laser dentistry in NE Calgary, AB is appropriate for your procedure.

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