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Emergency Dentistry in NE Calgary, AB

It is imperative to understand which sorts of injuries will mandate emergency dental care. This will help you make sure you and your family’s teeth are properly taken care of while at the same time avoiding unnecessary visits to the local emergency room. Unfortunately, accidents can occur at any point during the night or day. Some teeth injuries can be treated during Huntington Family Dental’s normal hours, while others require immediate attention.

Some of the normal types of oral injuries can include cracked teeth, knocked out teeth, and broken teeth. These can occur from chomping down on food that is just too hard, a fall, a sports occurrence, or any other accident. You need to consider how bad the injury is as well as the location of the tooth in your mouth before deciding whether or not the minor fracture or chipped tooth can wait until morning to call the dentist at Huntington Family Dental.

If the crack is bad enough or a significant portion of the tooth is missing, or the tooth has suffered nerve damage, or if one or more teeth are knocked completely out, you should definitely find immediate medical help.

While waiting for medical assistance, you should handle a knocked-out tooth as minimally as possible. Try and put the lost tooth back into the socket. Bite down on dampened gauze or even a tea bag. Just don’t accidentally swallow your tooth.

If the tooth won’t stay in the socket while you’re seeking out medical attention, you should clean it off the remove any dirt or blood and place it in milk or saliva while waiting for a professional dentist or doctor to provide you with help. Apply a wet, cold compress to the socket that will help with any bleeding that might occur.

If the problem is not as simple as broken teeth or knocked out teeth, you might not know if you should call a doctor. For example, you might experience really bad tooth pain that comes with an abscess. Even if you do feel like you should seek out emergency care, try calling Huntington Family Dental first for it has the best emergency dentist in Calgary, NE. We might have an appointment slot open for emergency dental care at our emergency dentistry in NE Calgary, AB.

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