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Dermal Fillers in NE Calgary, AB

Dermal fillers in NE Calgary are becoming more popular for people who want to have youthful, plump, and smooth skin. If you’ve heard of them before and you want to know more before getting this treatment, read on for more information.

What they are:

What are dermal fillers exactly? They are tiny injections of a certain type of gel. They are usually created from hyaluronic acid that will go in and fill out wrinkles while adding more volume to soft tissue. There are many places on the face that dermal fillers can be helpful, including your cheeks, mouth, around the eye, jawline, and even as lip fillers.

Why we need them:

Why are fillers needed for faces to smooth out deep lines, and give back volume to faces? When we start aging, our bodies will start to decrease the amount of collagen and elastin that is produced; these are both things that make us look youthful. There is a debate on when exactly we lose collagen, but typically it’s considered to be around the age of 25. Then these levels begin to decline at about 2% every year and have stopped completely by the late twenties.

How long they last:

Most dermal fillers in NE Calgary, AB will last somewhere between six and eighteen months depending on how your body reacts and what sort of hyaluronic acid is used.

The side effects:

There are a few common side effects that will only last temporarily after the injections. These can include redness, swelling, and tenderness at the injection spot. Reactions, which normally happen right after injection, can include swelling, redness, itching, pain, and bruising. Reactions are typically mild and will almost always go away a little while after the injection or within a few days.

The pain:

There might be some discomfort when the filler is being applied to the face. However, this is typically minimized by an anesthetic cream that’s put on before the procedure. Some fillers will include a pre-mixed local anesthetic.

The cost:

You might be wondering how much dermal fillers in NE Calgary cost. Well, that’s going to depend solely on what you want to have done, which fillers you chose, and who is going to be administering them.

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