Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in NE Calgary

Having a missing tooth or missing teeth is nothing to be ashamed of. Plenty of adults have reported having missing teeth throughout their lifetimes. Dental bridges in Calgary, NE are a great option for replacing your missing teeth and making your smile whole once more. Huntington Family Dental offers four main types of dental bridges in NE Calgary.

There is the Traditional Option:

Traditional options remain the most popular one to this day. They can have either one or several replacement teeth in them that are held in place using crowns and are cemented onto the teeth next to your missing one(s).

The drawback to using traditional bridges is the fact that the dental team at Huntington Family Dental will need to scour your teeth to remove some enamel to create the appropriate amount of room for the crowns. Enamel does not grow back.

There are Cantilever Bridges:

Rather than securing your replacement teeth on both sides of a missing tooth, Cantilever bridges only need to attach to one tooth.

There are Maryland Bridges:

More conservative options than traditional bridges are the Maryland bridges. They are made of a pontic that is held in place using a porcelain or metal framework. This is bonded onto the teeth next to the gap you have from a missing tooth. Teeth will not be filed because there are no crowns involved.

However, the strength of the bridge is only that of the resin that’s used, so it isn’t ideal for molars. They can also get in the way of your gums.

There are implant-supported bridges:

Finally, there are implant-supported bridges which are ideal for situations where you might need more than one tooth replaced. Implant-supported bridges are supported by dental implants. Usually, per missing tooth, one implant is used, and the series of them holds the bridge in place. The drawbacks are that it requires two surgeries. The first surgery will put in the implants and then the second surgery will put the bridge in. The great part of an implant-supported bridge is that these implants will act and function just like normal teeth.

The dental team at Huntington Family Dental will make sure that whatever bridge you get, you get the necessary information to take proper care of them.

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