Myths About Root Canal Treatment

 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Feb 12, 2019

As far as dental treatments are concerned, root canal is something that most people fear. You can’t think of root canals positively as it is associated with pain and discomfort. But many a times the things that we hear are just myths and far from truth says dentist in Calgary, AB T2K 6H9.

Here’s a Look at Some Such Myths about Root Canal:

  • It’s gonna hurt!

This is one of the myths that need to be addressed first. Most dental patients think that root canal is going to be very painful. This is one of the biggest myths as the truth is not even somewhere close. In the earlier times, the root canal procedure did hurt but with the passage of time, and advancement in techniques, the root canal can be pain-free. Even if you experience any discomfort, it’s mild. In fact, the patient should remember that the objective behind root canal is to relieve pain.

  • You need to be in extreme pain

This is another myth associated with root canal procedure. Some people believe that one has to suffer immensely with tooth pain before getting the root canal done. But that is not true. You must get yourself regularly checked from the dentist near Calgary, AB so that if there are any signs of decay, he can spot them at an early stage and suggest the treatment; in this case root canal. This will help in treating the issue before it escalates.

  • Many visits will be necessary

Most people shy away from dental treatments as they believe that the treatments require several visits. However, when it comes to root canal treatment, you only need two appointments. With advancement in dental techniques, the treatments have become faster.

  • You should just have your tooth pulled

Some people say that it is better to get the tooth extracted instead of going for root canal. This is not true in most cases. The better idea is to retain the original tooth and reviving it with help of root canal procedure and restoring it with fillings and crowns.

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