How do Invisalign Compare to Traditional Braces?

How do Invisalign Compare to Traditional Braces?

Apr 01, 2020

Many options about tooth straightening exist out there, but none is quite like Invisalign braces. They are invisible and give you a worry-free experience while straightening your teeth.

They also have many benefits compared to traditional brackets. Nonetheless, they have their drawbacks too, but Invisalign fitted in Calgary will give you teeth that are neater, smarter, and straighter. You won’t look back once you have acquired them.

What is an Invisalign?

This is a dental treatment option expertly relying on transparent aligners and is used to shape your teeth into position. Our Calgary emergency dentist will advise that you wear them at least 22 hours a day.

Dentists recommend that you change them every two weeks for the tooth shifting to take effect. At Huntington Family Dental, the treatment is usually over a 9-month period.

To get Invisalign braces, you set an appointment with our Invisalign downtown Calgary dentist, who will examine you to determine if you are a viable candidate for the treatment. Comparison With conventional


While invisible braces are plastic made, most traditional braces are metallic and involve wires and elastics. Each set of Clear aligners takes about two weeks then removed for the next set. Traditional aligners are non-removable.

Through the whole process, your tooth misalignment is gradually corrected. It takes a few months for the defect to be fixed. However, some patients can wear them for up to two years to see results.

Why should you prefer Invisalign?

  • Clear aligners are more discrete compared to traditional adult braces. They have a higher aesthetic value and are less likely to be noticed by people unaware if you have them. Patients who acquire Invisalign braces in Calgary report higher esteem and minimal social anxiety.
  • Unlike traditional braces that can cause abrasions on your teeth and gums, Invisalign aligners tend to be more comfortable for use. Traditional aligners can cause pain when eating after a new adjustment, which is never the case with invisible aligners.
  • The software used in Invisalign downtown Calgary allows you to see the outcome of your braces. This boosts some patient’s motivation for orthodontic treatment.

Why should you opt for traditional braces?

  • Traditional braces are more affordable than clear aligners
  • Patients with severely crooked and misaligned teeth have reported convention braces to produce better results compared to Invisalign.
  • Most dentists recommend traditional braces for fixing overcrowded teeth
  • The adhesive used for attaching Invisalign aligners on your teeth can become conspicuous with time. It is easily stained by factors like cigarette smoke, coffee, and alcohol.

Pros of Invisalign

  • Invisibility – You acquire a healthier and more beautiful smile without the worry about critics from the social circle. They are nearly invisible.
  • Comfort – No wires and brackets are involved with Invisalign. Their treatment, therefore, offers more comfort as they are smooth and won’t irritate your teeth and mouth.
  • Convenience – Similar to metallic braces, they are widely available, so they are a better option as you won’t have to deal with a load of metal in your mouth. They are more preferred today.
  • They are removable – You can easily remove invisible braces for tasks like eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth. This is not possible with traditional braces. You don’t have to worry about food getting stuck and will help you maintain good oral hygiene during the tooth straightening process.
  • Easy maintenance – It’s easy to remove your invisible braces and brush them to eliminate any stains present. If you are a sports guy, simply take them out and back again after completing the task, so you avoid causing damage to them.

Cons of Invisalign

  • They can cause irritation to the soft tissue aligning the lips and cheeks. The feeling should go away with time, though.
  • They can wear down the bottom teeth. The dental laser used hardens the ceramic more than the tooth enamel.
  • They are costlier compared to metal braces. Most dental insurance policies don’t cover this treatment, which can be a major drawback if you are on a tight budget.

Caring for your Invisalign aligners

  • Once removed, rinse them to remove plaque and dry saliva.
  • Don’t eat or drink with your Invisalign on. They can easily get stained or stink.
  • Don’t brush your aligners using toothpaste. Instead, soak in Denture Cleaner or Retainer Brite to keep them sanitized.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning soap is an excellent and cheap option for washing and keeping your braces fresh and bacteria-free.

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