Guidelines on How to Choose an Ideal Mouth Guard for protecting Your Dentals

Guidelines on How to Choose an Ideal Mouth Guard for protecting Your Dentals

Aug 10, 2020

If you have undergone an orthodontic procedure, you precisely understand the value of your teeth. Injuries and trauma to your mouth can lead to severe damage to your oral tissues. A mouthguard is critical in protecting your teeth against such threats during a sporting activity.

Mouthguards can serve you in managing various conditions, including treatment for TMJ disorders or sleep apnea. Dental splints are removable appliances that are molded to separate your upper and or lower teeth. Mouthguards are preferable restorative devices for various oral issues.

What’s a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a device used to cover your teeth and ensure your oral tissues are protected from injury. The appliances offer a significant role in preventing trauma to your mouth during sports, which may lead to emergencies.

Custom mouthguards are molded to take the shape of your teeth. They are designed to counter impact based on the type of sporting activity you partake and ensure you find ultimate protection. The dentist near you provides you with various impressions to suit the shape of your teeth. The mouth guard is crafted in a lab to give an exact custom-made shape.

Mouthguards can be used for your braces. They are used to protect your lower or upper jaw against damage. Instant fit or boil and bite mouth guards are not applicable in case you have dental braces since they irritate the brackets and the wire. It would help if you found a suitable mouth guard to accommodate the structure of your braces.

What You Need to Consider While Choosing Mouth Guards

The dentist near you will recommend you to consider various factors while choosing your mouth guards. Dentists in Calgary, CA, recommend you to consider the following aspects:

  • Mouthguards should be correctly molded and comfortable while worn.
  • They can be easily cleaned to ensure you maintain hygiene.
  • Your mouthguard should be robust to withstand impact and protect your teeth during rigorous activity.
  • Ensure you find a durable mouth guard, that’s tear-resistant, to serve you for long.
  • A suitable mouth guard should fit into your teeth properly, and provide you with breathing space.

Important Tips You Should Uphold While Using Mouth Guards

Taking care of your mouthguard will ensure it serves you for long; here’s how you can sustain them:

  • Brush the device with toothpaste, to protect against the bacteria, and it would be best if you rinse it after use
  • Replace your mouthguard upon wear and tear, and do not bite it to ensure it’s intact.
  • In case you have undergone orthodontic treatment, ensure you use the right mouth guards to avoid interference with your alignment.
  • Identify the right protective gear to place on your braces to avoid irritation as you wear them.

Consult your hygienist to find a suitable selection for a mouth guard that will meet your needs based on the sporting activities you undertake. Ensure you protect your child against potential risks and injuries during sports activities.

Choosing a Suitable Mouth Guard in NE Calgary, AB

At Huntington Family Dental, we recommend you to put on mouth guards during sporting activities, to protect your teeth against injuries. Trauma and injuries on your teeth and oral tissues may lead to long-term complications. You find exceptional protection against bleeding and other dental emergencies. They are worn over your upper teeth to protect broken teeth, lips, and damage to your mouth. Our dentist in Calgary will advise you to wear them when you have dental braces or bridges to protect your jaw.

Our dentist near Calgary, CA, provides robust and comfortable mouth guards, classified into:

  • Custom made mouthguards that fit perfectly on your dental since they are made from our labs to take up the outlook of your teeth.
  • Stock mouth guards that are readily crafted for you to wear
  • Bite and boil guards are molded by dipping them in hot water and biting them down to create the customized shape of your teeth.

Our dentists in Calgary recommend that your family should wear mouthguards while engaging in recreational activities. They need to be comfortable, well-fitting, tear-resistant, and easily cleaned. Ideal mouth guards allow you to breathe freely, and you can visit us at our family dental in Calgary for an extensive consultation for ideal options.

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