Dental Crowns Guide: What Are They and Their Benefits?

Dental Crowns Guide: What Are They and Their Benefits?

Dec 01, 2021

Dental crowns are a cost-effective way of restoring worn down, cracked, or chipped teeth. It can be applied to the front teeth as well as the back teeth.

Crowns have been made for centuries and have evolved with time. They have been developed to provide a natural-looking tooth restoration, which blends with the existing tooth color and shape.

The dental crowns are designed with different surface textures that mimic those of natural teeth, and they also exist in many different colors to match various types of teeth.

A dental crown covers the entire visible part of the tooth surface. This makes the tooth stronger and prevents it from fracturing or chipping. The caps also protect teeth from developing cavities and other typical problems that affect surfaces near the gum line.

Dental Bonding Vs. Dental Crowns; How do they Compare?

Dental bonding is similar to crowns in that it offers a way to restore teeth that are broken or damaged.

However, unlike dental crowns, dental bonding is considered cosmetic dentistry and uses less costly materials.

Dental bonding is perfect for people with teeth that are only slightly chipped or with minor damage like fractures, chips, gaps, or worn-down enamel. It can also be used to change the color of teeth or improve their appearance.

While it does not offer as much structural support as a dental crown, it can still offer benefits for those who need them.

Dental crowns in Calgary provide a more permanent solution compared to bonding, and they are long-lasting. There are many benefits why you should choose crowns over bonding, and they include:

Dental crown strengthens your teeth

A dental crown is an excellent way to strengthen a tooth. It completely covers the tooth and makes it stronger than before. This is helpful for weak or damaged teeth because they can continue to function without becoming worse.

Crowns also help shield a tooth from any more decay that would be bad for it. They restore the tooth to its original shape, size, and contour. This makes chewing and speaking more comfortable for you.

They save severely damaged teeth

Trauma, stress, and tooth decay can cause teeth to be weaker and in need of repair. The dentist may be forced to take it out altogether or use a dental crown to strengthen it.

The crowns effectively combines with other treatment

The dental crowns procedure overlaps with other procedures seamlessly. A Calgary dentist can use caps when fixing bridges and implants. They also come in handy in restoring the function and strength of the teeth after root canal therapy.

They are a versatile treatment

If you have an imperfect smile, you should consider getting dental caps. Dental caps are fixed to the front of your teeth, and they cover up many different types of imperfections like cracks, chips, and discoloration. A dentist can also use crowns to give you an even smile that looks just as good as your natural one.

The dental crowns are permanent

These caps are cemented in place with a block of cement which gives a more permanent solution.

Crowns are the most robust, long-lasting treatment besides implants. They can outperform veneers and dental bonding because they provide a better appearance of the tooth.

But, Dental Crowns Have Drawbacks

The primary disadvantage of dental crowns is that they are irreversible. The dentist reshapes the teeth to create room for the crowns, and the process is permanent.

Furthermore, the dental crowns can chip and crack, giving room for bacteria to creep in and cause decay.

What is the Dental Crown Procedure?

A dental crown procedure requires at least two dental visits. The first visit involves examination and preparation of the teeth. The dentist will trim the enamel depending on the thickness of the crowns. A cast or impression of your reshaped teeth is taken to create permanent crowns.

The second visit involves fitting the crown that matches your teeth perfectly.

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