Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

May 07, 2018

For many years, dental sealants have been used to prevent tooth decay in molars and premolars. Many studies show there is a decreased amount of tooth decay in teeth with dental sealants applied to them. But are they as safe as we are led to believe?

Do Sealants Really Stop Decay Like We’re Told?

Many parents are convinced by their dentist to get dental sealants because they think that sealants completely stop decay. But is this entirely possible? Despite having sealants, there is still a possibility of decay occurring. The sealant can crack and allow decay in, bacteria could have attacked the edges of the sealant or decay could have been present in the tooth before a sealant was applied.

All Sealants Contain Compounds Known to Cause Cancer

Some sealants contain BPA (Bisphenol A), while many others contain a derivative that converts to BPA when it interacts with saliva. While the ADA states that dental procedures like sealants contribute to a very low level of BPA exposure, research also suggests that very low levels are sufficient to cause changes in breast cancer cells.

Sealant Manufacturers Don’t Disclose the Ingredients of Their Products

While they are not required to do so, by not listing the full ingredients in dental sealants, it makes a consumer wonder if they are trying to hide something. The common reasoning is the need for proprietary secrets, we live in a transparent age and not knowing all the components of dental sealants is not ideal.

Sealants Wear Off Over Time

Sealants don’t last forever, so where do they do when they start to chip off? While not a huge concern for BPA exposure, it does cause concern to consider. Never in the age of human beings have we ever been exposed to so many chemicals.

The Cracks And Fissures In Our Molars Are There For A Reason

While bad bacteria can cause decay, the crevasses in our teeth are also home to healthy bacteria. Eliminating them can have a detrimental effect on overall oral health.

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