5 Oral Hygiene Travel Hacks

5 Oral Hygiene Travel Hacks

Jul 16, 2019

Oral hygiene routine is a very important part of caring for your dental health. A good oral hygiene routine encompasses brushing twice a day, flossing and regular cleaning and check-ups. While it is necessary to follow the same consistently, it is often to maintain Dental care while travelling. But no worries! Experts like Huntington Family Dental recommend the following Oral Hygiene Travel Hacks:

  • Eat Healthy

Perhaps among the most important Oral Hygiene Travel Hacks, is the need to eat healthy. Don’t make your vacation an excuse to eat foods high in sugar and starch that harm your teeth. Hydration is necessary to reduce the growth of plaque and removing the accumulation of bacteria. Eat fibrous vegetables and Skimmed milk products.

  • Dental care while traveling

While most of the products used at home are difficult to carry while travelling, there are various travel-friendly supplies. Electric toothbrushes, mini flossers and small-sized toothpaste are easy to carry and provide adequate care. Also, opt for small bottles of mouth wash that are easily available at any dental clinic or drug store.

  • Regular dental visit

This is a very important hack. Regular dental check-ups are very important. This is because experts like Huntington Family Dental can help with the required cleaning and can assess whether there is any damage to teeth or gums. They can also provide timely solutions, an omission of which would worsen your dental health. Thus, after traveling, make sure to go for a dental visit.

  • Spoon scarping

This sounds weird but is high-up effective. Scraping your tongue is an easy and accessible way of reducing plaque on your tongue. It can consequently, help to make your breath fresher and avoid the danger of increasing bad bacteria count in your mouth.

  • Use Fluoride

Sometimes, especially during unplanned or short duration trips, we forget to take our go-to dental care. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, Fluoride will be your saviour! Rinsing your mouth reduces decay and plaque.

The most important thing is to make dental care a habit. Frequent visits and consultations of Huntington Family Dental will be of immense help!

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