5 Benefits of White Fillings


Jul 01, 2019

Dentistry, just like any other field keeps on evolving over the period of time. You can see new inventions taking place each day, which makes the dental procedures painless, comfortable, and quick. It is a field where you can witness constant progress and scope for improvement.

The traditional fillings in NE, Calgary, have also evolved over the years. You don’t need to opt for amalgam fillings, which peep through your mouth while laughing or smiling. The white composite resin has taken over the conventional fillings mainly because of their esthetic appeal. Here’s a look at some benefits of getting white fillings:

  • Appearance

The silver colored amalgam fillings were visible while talking or smiling as they could not blend with your natural teeth. On the other hand, composite resin can be chosen in the shade of your natural teeth. It seamlessly blends with your natural smile and no one can even find out that you have fillings. Also, this makes them an ideal option, if you have to get fillings in your front teeth, explains the dentist in T2K 6H9.

  • Versatility

The composite fillings are much more versatile than other options. They are not just used as fillings for treating cavities, but can also be used for repairing chipped, broken, or worn out teeth. And because of customization, no one will even get to know that you have got your tooth repaired.

  • Stability

Another benefit of composite fillings is that you need to remove very little tooth structure for placing them. This means more of your natural teeth can be preserved. The filling directly bonds with your tooth, which means you can get additional stability for a weak or broken tooth.

  • Metal Free

Many people were concerned about the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings. However, with composite resin there is no such concern and people feel safe getting them as they are metal-free.

  • Protection

The amalgam filling used to expand and contract with changes in temperature, which is not the case with composite resin fillings. They are unaffected by temperature fluctuations. This protects the fillings from getting cracked or fractured.

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